AppStori is a crowdsourcing and funding platform for great mobile apps.

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About us

We think this says it better than we probably could.



AppStori is a crowdsourcing and funding platform that connects mobile app consumers with developers before an app hits the app store.

At the core, we believe that better apps come to market when there’s a collaborative "dialog" between developers and consumers. On AppStori, developers can raise funds, find beta testers, build an audience, advertise their needs and wants, and create an overall "Stori", allowing friends, family, and consumers to be part of the experience that brings an app to market.

Likewise, consumers and mobile app enthusiasts can join in and participate in the creation of mobile apps in a way that has never been done before. Let us know what you think. We get excited by the creativity that gets displayed on the platform every day and want to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback


AppStori is a Social Round, LLC company and is located in New York.


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