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Millennial Media Partnership FAQ

Millenial_media + Appstori-logo-small = $$$ + Downloads

AppStori has partnered with Millennial Media to help mobile app developers reach their fundraising and marketing goals (See press release). Millennial Media will contribute $500 toward qualifying apps, as well as a $500 advertising credit to create a campaign and drive more installs on mMedia. Below is an FAQ to provide some additional information on the partnership and the benefits it will bring to you.

What is AppStori?

AppStori is a community-based platform that enables innovation for builders and consumers of mobile apps. By being part of the AppStori community, creators of mobile app projects get the opportunity to receive financial backing as well as market-based feedback and social support from a global community of mobile enthusiasts. Consumers of mobile apps can see and help shape the “future of the app store” by browsing through different mobile app projects and supporting the ones they would like to see come to life. Appstori, part of Social Round LLC, is a privately held company based in New York

What is Millennial Media?

Millennial Media is the leading independent mobile advertising platform. Their technology, tools and services help app developers maximize their advertising revenue, acquire users for their apps and gain insight about their users. The company also offers premium brand advertisers with significant audience reach, sophisticated targeting capabilities and the ability to deliver rich and engaging ad experiences to consumers on their mobile connected devices.

Why is AppStori partnering with Millennial Media?

AppStori is a platform dedicated to enabling the creation of great mobile apps. As part of this mission, we work hard to bring as much value to our community of mobile developers and consumers from the best partners, talent, and brands in the market. As the leading independent mobile advertising platform, Millennial Media is a partner to developers. The company provides the tools and support developers need to monetize and market their mobile apps. With Millennial Media’s contribution of advertising dollars, funding support, and mentoring to the AppStori community, we feel that we are truly helping developers reach their potential, and bring the best app ideas to market.

Who is eligible to receive the cash, advertising credit, and mentoring?

In order to qualify for these benefits, your app must be selected to appear on AppStori and must support monetization through advertising (ad-supported). As such, you must agree to include the Millennial Media SDK in your product build.

What platform do I have to build on to qualify for these benefits?

Any platform will do. But specifically, Millennial Media has SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications.

What benefits do I, as a developer get from this partnership?

If you qualify for the program, you will receive $500 towards your fundraising goal, a $500 mMedia self-service advertising credit to help promote your app, and a Millennial Media mentor who specializes in app monetization and can help you every step of the way.

Is it really "$1000"?

Absolutely! You will earn $500 in cash towards your fundraising goal, and a $500 advertising credit toward a campaign on mMedia.

Who is eligible to receive the $1000?

In order to be eligible for the $1000 (and the mentoring), you must:

When do I receive my benefits?

You will receive the funding pledge of $500 within the first 48-72 hours from the time your AppStori is published on the platform. Following that (estimated at 1-2 weeks after launch), you will receive an introductory email from your Millennial Media mentor. Once your project reaches its funding goal, you will receive the funds. At that time, you will also be eligible to receive the $500 advertising credit toward a campaign on mMedia once your app reaches its funding goal and is accepted by one of the major app stores (eg. Apple’s App Store, Google Play, or Amazon’s Appstore).

How much will I have to raise to qualify for these benefits?

In order to qualify for these benefits, your target funding goal will need to be a minimum of $2,000.

What is a Millennial Media mentor? What can I expect from my relationship with my mentor?

If you choose to participate in this program, Millennial Media will provide a mentor. Your mentor will be available to you to:

We encourage developers participating in the program to tap into the wealth of knowledge that the Millennial Media team can provide as you build, launch and grow the user base of your ad-supported app.

Why should I use AppStori?

AppStori is a platform designed to help developers and consumers connect early in the creative/development cycle. Through AppStori, developers can raise funds towards their project, find beta testers, search for talent and other resources, and build advocates throughout their entire development process.

What is

mMedia is Millennial Media’s self-service interface where developers can access the tools they need to monetize, advertise and manage their apps.

What do I, as a developer, have to do in return for the $1000?

To receive the $500 in funding and $500 advertising credit, you will need to commit to integrating Millennial Media’s SDK in your production build.

Can I use more than one monetization partner and still receive these benefits?


Can I receive the $1000 if I already have already submitted my app to an app store?

If you qualify, and you are bringing a new app to market, you are eligible to receive the benefits.

I already use Millennial Media to monetize and/or advertise my app. Am I eligible for these funds?

This is only for developer who are new to Millennial Media .

What happens if I don’t hit my funding target by the end of my campaign? Do I still get the funds?

No. AppStori is an "all-or-nothing" funding platform. However, you will still be able to use the platform to promote your app, find beta testers, and reach out to your followers.

How will I receive my cash and the advertising credit?

You will receive the cash like every other contribution on the platform. Once you hit your goal, the funds will be transferred into your Amazon Merchant Account (less the fees associated with using the payments provider and the platform). You will be able to withdraw that cash ~14 days following the transfer. For the advertising credit, you will be able to receive this once you meet your funding goal, and are listed in a major app store. When you reach your target, Millennial Media will send you a form to fill out where you can notify them where the app is listed. Once this is confirmed, they will provide you with a promo code that will give you a $500 credit toward an advertising campaign on mMedia.

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